Hi, I’m Jo. I’m a product designer, problem solver, researcher, observer, prototyper, experimenter, strategist, doodler, and maker.

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Superpowers is a card sorting exercise about team dynamics. It helps people understand the unique strengths they bring to a team and how they can best collaborate with others.

The exercise gained popularity after Keith Yamashita gave a talk at 99u about the concept. Following this talk, people were clamoring for a version they could own. SYPartners eventually responded to this demand by creating a physical card deck, which I helped design.

A small team at SYPartners saw an opportunity to create an affordable mobile app version.


Help people identify their unique strengths on a team and maximize their talents.

Offer a relatively inexpensive version of Superpowers for solo users who would prefer a digital version.

Reputation-building, monetization, and lead generation opportunity for SYPartners.


  • Creating a minimum viable product in a short time frame without a fully dedicated team. This was essentially a fun side project for everyone involved that quickly gained traction.

  • Adapting a physical card exercise into a mobile app. This meant adapting content to be mobile-first and creating a new card-based UI.


I was brought into the project midway as the team began exploring the experience outside of the card assessment. Specifically, my role was to partner with another designer to concept the home screen/dashboard experience and user flow. Because I had worked on the card deck, it also made sense for me to own the visual design.


We wanted the app to feel breezy and lightweight. We explored options for a dashboard screen where users could:

  • Do the assessment (multiple times if they desired)
  • See their results
  • See info about other superpowers
  • Get information about the exercise

We explored options with menus, but quickly landed on an option that was card-driven so that users didn’t have to dig around for features or pages. Everything the user needs is on a card on this screen. The result was simple and elegant.

October–November 2017

UX Designers: Andrew Cramer and Johana Tran
Visual Designer: Johana Tran
User Researcher: Andrew Cramer
Product Manager: Dan Pardes
Developers: Najati Imam and Erik Belusic